E-Commerce Social Media

The practice of using social media to sell an e-commerce store is known as e-commerce social media. Social media may be used by e-commerce companies to increase brand awareness, acquire online followers, and drive online sales. Companies can also utilise social media to promote their brand, profile, and products.

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Why Do You Need E-Commerce Social Media

E-commerce social media necessitates a strategy as well as some tools, such as an online scheduling and reporting tool. The majority of strategies will outline how your company will market and advertise on social media networks, as well as engage and connect with its followers.

These five suggestions can assist your company in making the most of e-commerce social media.

Concentrate on the networks that your target audience uses rather than the most popular networks overall.

Set aside time to reply to user comments, queries, and reviews

Post photographs and videos to increase engagement even further.

Boost or promote posts, similar to how you would on Facebook, to improve engagement, views, and conversions.

Collaborate with micro-influencers to reach your target audience at a low cost.

What Services do we offer

Social Media Marketing

Our team of social media specialists is aware of the significance of having a strong online brand presence. Our efforts are coordinated to engage the target audience, establish brand loyalty, and grow the customer base. The more a brand connects with its audience, the more probable it is that the audience will remember the product. Increased sales and repeat business result from this.

Brand Management

With the aid of E-Com firms can interact with their followers and increase their visibility online. In order to establish brands, we employ promotional tactics that increase traffic to the e-commerce site, turn visitors into consumers, and keep them there after they make a purchase. Our Ecommerce marketing is concentrated on optimising ROI and converting as many customers as possible.

Content Writing

By providing worthwhile material, you provide potential customers a chance to spread the word to their social media followers and increase website traffic. We produce blog entries, pictures, memes, infographics, movies, presentations, web text, and other materials to engage audiences consistently, attract customers to the business, and ultimately boost conversions.

Video Editing

Before making a purchasing choice, a consumer can view a product, its information, how to use it, and other aspects using video material. We produce videos that are not only entertaining but also assist viewers in making educated decisions, whether they be video advertising, instructional films, product demos, or how-to videos.

Managing Online Reputation

When making an online purchase, more than 50% of customers read product reviews and ratings. An internet store's reputation can make or kill it. To help customers make wise purchases, we assist brands in establishing and sustaining a solid reputation and level of trust. Our reputation management services shield businesses from unfavourable press and keep tabs on social media conversations involving their online store.

Social Media Promotion

Advertising on social media is a potent and successful technique to sell your goods. Our staff has the knowledge necessary to maximise ROI from advertising campaigns, from creating the Facebook Ad Account to managing ads on Facebook and Instagram, respectively. To increase conversions, we assess, monitor, and grow the campaigns. By attracting and enticing potential customers to make online purchases, the advertising initiatives already in place will contribute to a sharp increase in sales.

Why Choose Us

Customer relationship management is used as a straightforward technique to assist in and foster positive customer relationships. The device is incredibly practical and easy to use.

Responsible project manager: We are aware of the importance of staying in touch with our esteemed clients, which is why we have engaged a committed project manager who works closely with the client.


We are aware of the importance of staying in touch with our esteemed clients, which is why we have engaged a committed project manager who works closely with the client.

Our 24-hour customer service system is unrivalled. We are available day and night to answer your questions. We favour ongoing one-on-one communication with our clientele.

 We give you monthly, biweekly, and daily reports that assist us in monitoring the development of your business.

Every member of the E-Com Media team, from the top to the bottom and in every division of the business, receives thorough training on our SEO best practices. Our staff ensures that you always receive a high-touch experience, whether you’re speaking to an account executive, a member of our finance department, or one of our renowned SEO experts because everyone on our team is equally qualified to comprehend the fundamental principles of our organization.


What Our Ecommerce Clients Says

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"Our support team's construction by them is as unique as our company. We seem to work better together and so accomplish more in less time.”

Anshul Sood Founder of Oceedee

We really like that they had been in the industry for so long. They have a vast portfolio and lots of happy customers.

Shrawan Daga Founder of Krishna's Ayurveda & Herbal

Great sales and targets were reached and surpassed. We ended the program due to our complete selling out of inventory on the program.

Aruni kapoor Co-Founder of Pleats By Aruni

The first year we worked with Ecom Media Agency we saw a considerable increase in leads, revenue, traffic, you name it. It was impressive.

FAQ On E-Commerce Social Media Marketing

The 4C's of social media marketing are communities, conversations, channels, and campaigns that promote word-of-mouth buzz. The secret to effective social media marketing is to comprehend these factors and how they interact.

According to this rule, out of every six posts you make on social media, four should be humorous or educational, one should be a "soft sell," and one should be a "hard sell." Let's examine the 4-1-1 rule's potential applications in more detail.

According to the 80/20 rule, just 20% of social media postings should directly promote your brand while the other 80% should be helpful to your audience by providing information, entertainment, or a solution to their problems.

Social media marketing for online stores is known as e-commerce marketing. Social media can be used by e-commerce businesses to increase brand recognition, draw in online followers, and boost sales. Social media can be used by businesses to promote their online profiles, brands, and goods.

Here are all the various methods social media marketing may assist you in promoting your online store and increasing product sales. Before you're prepared to start taking orders for a brand-new store or product, you should start creating talk about it.

The delivery of e-commerce activities and functions into a social media environment is a shorter definition of social commerce provided by Liang and Turban (2011).

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