Case Study

Recently, we helped an eCommerce client to grow their website from 0 to 2,462.  monthly organic traffic in less than 3 Months.

In this SEO case study, we’re going to teach you the EXACT process we followed to grow the website and allow the client to drive thousands of leads per month…

Here is an overview of the entire project before we get into the finer details.

Pleats y Aruni is premium women’s clothing brand. They had a well-established Offline Store In Delhi. But in Jan 2022 they Launched Their Online clothing store. After the Official lunch of the website, they were thinking that they started getting orders from across INDIA. But Soon PBA Founder released that Without digital marketing They Couldn’t achieve their target.

So In July 2022, they started Looking for A Digital Marketing  Agency, That can help them to Grow Online & Reach out to Too many Marketing agencies but are not satisfied with  Their strategy & pricing.

In August 2022, They Reach out to us For Help. After A deep Phone Call, and discussion We understood their Primary Goals. &  that is how everything got began.

The Process We Followed

Research, analyze & overview Stage
Initial Analysis

For Initial Analysis we asked the client to provide us with their top 3 Competitors. For competitors Overview.

In Initial Analysis We generally do some basic but most important Analisation like Traffic Analysis, Competitor Keywords Over, Competitor Analysis & Competitors’ Backlink Overview

(a)Traffic Analysis:

we overview current  Website traffic, Authority scores n Backlinks numbers

(b)Competitors Keyword Analyzation

IN this our SEO Expert overview of the competitor’s website and Try To find out the main relevant keywords from there They are getting visitors

© Domain Comparison

In This, We compare our domain with our competitors that what is their current Authority Score, Their rankings, Org. traffic & so on..


# 1: SEO Audit

We performed an SEO audit on the website in order to develop an efficient on-page SEO strategy. Using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider, we first crawled the website.

This performed two things:
  1. It gave us a thorough insight into the website’s on-page SEO from that current perspective.
  1. It assisted us in identifying areas that required improvement.
# 2: Tech Audit

As Shown below image we Did a major tech Audit of the Website. where we analyse the main tech issue of the website like-  Page Speed (Mobile & Desktop), robots.txt, Schema, sitemap etc.

Keyword Research

We used SEMRush to extract 100-200 new keyword ideas after running,, and several other competitors through the tool.

We also carried out three competitor assessments to learn more about the industry and find any potential keyword gaps.

Solution Stage

After Research, analysis & an overviewing of the Things, We started Working on Resolving all the On-page(PDP & Content) & Tech issues

1. On-Page & PDP Optimization Resolve

After Research, analysis & an overviewing of the Things, We started Working on Resolving all the On-page(PDP & Content) & Tech issues(a)First, we made sure that each page’s headings and subheadings had the proper header tag corresponded with their proper page hierarchy.(b)We Write Meta tags For Each &  every page as you can see in the below image we have to create each meta tag according to the keyword.

(Note:- after the meta tags writing we first take client Approval before uploading or making any changes on websites)

(c) We made internal links with keyword-rich anchor text, making sure that each page had at least one internal link leading to it. We were extremely careful not to utilise the same keyphrase more than once since we employed a range of primary and secondary keyphrases.

(d) More than 300 photographs on the site had image alt text that we contributed, and we made sure each description appropriately reflected the image in issue.

2. Tech Issue Resolve

We Fixed all the tech-related Issues On the Website. In the below image, you can see our tech Audit Checklist .

3. Content strategy

We use a “funnel model” for keyword research. “Bottom of funnel” keywords get mapped to your sales pages, “mid and top funnel keywords get mapped to content .

Steps We take For content Planning

Q1 Content planning:

A content calendar is the most effective way to plan and monitor content creation. It dictates what/when content goes live and documents the audience, stage in the funnel and promotional strategies.

We will build a calendar to leverage the research of previous deliverables to ensure we’re creating engaging, relevant, highly searched content that will rank quickly in organic search.This calendar is tracked in a live environment in Sheets, allowing us to collaborate on ideas, schedules and writers in real-time.We finalise writing 6 blogs Monthly for them

4. Distribute Content

Excellent content creation is not enough. Make sure the appropriate audience sees your material. Because of this, I deliberately syndicate my content on websites that collect and organise web information, like Medium, Quora, and LinkedIn.

5. Building Links

When it came to link building we Focused On highly authoritative domains that are relevant to your niche.

We create monthly more than 500 high-quality backlinks. We initially focused on general link building like profile creation, Social Sharing, Pinterest marketing, Classified ads, Collection page Sharing & many more

The Result

The organic visits on your website increased from 2 to 1452 in 3 months as shown in the above graph.

It was fantastic to see that traffic grew significantly, considering this was one of the campaign’s primary objectives. More individuals were finding the website relevant and clicking through to it, as seen by the rise in impressions and clicks, Which had climbed by more than 125% growth with 1.9% CTR in 3 months

Our client’s ranking positions for the primary targeted keywords had significantly improved. These are the same keywords that we targeted for rankings when we first launched the campaign. At the time, our client’s position was almost nonexistent.

As a result, the website is now regarded as an authoritative one with considerable weight and influence. In the end, this offers it an advantage over its rivals in terms of search engine positioning.

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